Отель Голубино


The Golubino Forest Hotel is located on the Pinega River in Pinega District of the Arkhangelsk Region (the 188th kilometer of the Arkhangelsk-Pinega-Mezen highway), close to natural monuments such as Golubino karst massif and Pinega Nature Reserve. Just 16 kilometers away is Pinega, a rural settlement 10 years older than the capital city of Russia, Moscow.

Thanks to its location, the hotel offers guided sightseeing tours all year round. From the hotel windows you will admire a pristine nature of the northern region and, together with our experienced guides, visit the caves, walk along ecological paths to see breathtaking waterfalls, listen to the history of the Arkhangelsk larch or learn about plants that are listed in the Red Book, but still found in Pinega forests.

You can enjoy the landscapes of northern taiga and winding rivers from the ancient monastery and quench your thirst for historical knowledge, listening to stories about astonishing people who have visited our area at the oldest local history museum in Arkhangelsk region, with an exposition devoted not only to the history of the Pomor people, but also to difficult years of the last century.

This is not all that you learn and see when you visit. Pick a sightseeing tour or stay for a few days to grasp the true soul of the Russian north and we will guarantee that the time spent in our hotel will be remembered as a true northern hospitality.

For your convenience, we have 11 standard and comfort double rooms located in the main building. Upgraded in 2016, this building meets all modern requirements as to standards of quality, amenities and comfort. All rooms can accommodate extra beds.

On the ground floor of the building you will find a children’s play room for crafting, drawing and playing around and the lounge with a fireplace area for business meetings (up to 10 people) or masterclasses, playing board games or watching sports. For meetings, the lounge is equipped with a projector screen. There is also a selection of herbal teas and heated water to create additional coziness and comfort in cold weather. All hotel bathrooms have underfloor heating.

For tourist or student groups we also recommend staying in our guesthouse. We also have cozy cottages, which are ideal for families and those travelling with pets.


The main building and cottages have a three-star rating.

Forest hotel “Golubino” is the only three-star hotel in Pinega – Kholmogory – Mezen – Leshukon districts.



  1. The hotel is in close proximity to the caves of Pinega, one of the longest in European Russia. They are often compared with the caves of Crimea and Perm. Our guides will be happy to guide you through the underground tunnels and secret passages, and tell you all about the nature of the karst landscape.


  1. You can take a leisurely stroll from the hotel, or take our guided tour to the “Holy Spring” waterfall. A subterraneanKarjala River, broken free, creates an incredible miracle of nature: a forest waterfall lost in protected parts of taiga. Water temperatures in winter and summer are almost always the same. You can admire the waterfall from a specially equipped platform, or go down closer to dip your hands into the water, which briefly emerges on the surface.


  1. 5 km away from Golubino lies the village of Krasnaya Gorka. There, one hundred years ago, was situated one of the most beautiful monasteries of the Russian North, founded in the first half of the seventeenth century. The monastery had housed an icon of the Mother of God of Georgia and one of the first images of the Vladimir Mother of God. Prince Vasily Golitsyn, the chief adviser to Princess Sophia, is buried here. During the Soviet period, the monastery was completely closed down. The Red Mountain offers breathtaking views of the Pinega River Valley.


  1. The county town of Pinega is located 15 km away from the Golubino Hotel. One can talk about Pinega forever! The town is 10 years older than Moscow and Catherine the Great had drawn the layout of the city herself. Here lived the famous Russian storyteller Marya Dmitrievna Krivopolenova. At various times, Prince Golitsyn, writers Alexander Grin and Alexander Serafimovich, and Marshal Voroshilov were sent into exile there. The action of Valentin Pikul’s novel “Stars over the marsh” takes place in Pinega. The plot of the book “Nut Buddha” by Boris Akunin also partially centers on a prince in exile and the county town. There is a local history museum and a karst museum in Pinega. The historical buildings of the 19th century have been preserved.


  1. A natural monument of regional significance – the Golubino Karst massif is visible to everyone, who arrives in Golubino. After a long ride from Arkhangelsk, along the River Northern Dvina, and then the River Pinega, it may seem like you have entered an entirely different world. Deep canyons, inaccessible cliffs, serpentines – are all part of the Pinega karst, through which the highway was laid out.


  1. In the gypsum karst massif, the Cockroach Log canyon stretches an impressive 2 km long. On the one side of the log there is a steep, high cliff, while on the other, there is a pile of boulders covered with moss and juniper, among which are northern beauties – slipper orchids and other plants, many of which are listed in the Red Book. The height of canyon walls reaches 35 meters, while its width is about 100 meters. The canyon can be reached on foot both during the tour and independently.


  1. Not far from the Forest Hotel “Golubino” is the village of Kuloy. Once it was the center of trade (posad) marked on the 16th century foreign maps. One of the largest salt farms of the Far North was located in Kuloy. A working well and salt lakes have been preserved to the present day. There are many ancient houseboats in the village, some of which are cultural heritage sites.

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