Socially responsible tourism


Our mission is not only to develop tourist business in a single place, but also to promote the sustainable development of the entire Arkhangelsk region, through creating new jobs and promoting care for nature of the region.

The number of people who wish to travel around Russia, learn more about its cultural heritage and traditions, and enjoy the wild nature and quiet life away from the hustle of big cities, has been growing. A lack of international standard hotels and unpredictable service however often stop them from traveling.

At the same time, the emptying out of young people from Russia’s small town has accelerated. Due to the lack of local opportunities, more and more people are moving to cities in search of a better life.

Our work therefore involves not just running the hotel and organizing sightseeing tours, it includes a wide range of diverse activities that have a strong development impact in the region.

For instance, the park, where a hotel offers rich excursion program and has ensured that all modern conditions are provided for guests to relax, contributes to the popularization of domestic tourism and encourages the development of Pinega and neighboring villages.

We sincerely believe in the future and people of Pinega and wish that they stay here for many years, because they are true culture and tradition bearers of the Russian North.


The main aim of our work is to promote cultural, historical and eco-friendly tourism, so that guests from Russia and abroad can enjoy stunning karst landscapes of the Pinega taiga and learn about the history and life of ancient villages and settlements, which have preserved the traditional way of life in the 21st century.

Currently, we offer several options for multi-day tours, more than 14 excursions, weekend tours from Arkhangelsk, and various package tours for school groups and corporate clients.

Golubino Forest Hotel offers 31 separate rooms (up to 85 people) and a camping option in summer. The hotel restaurant consists of two halls: the main hall and the banquet hall, with a total capacity of up to 180 people.


  • Director of the Forest Hotel “Golubino” Elena Shestakova is one of the winners of the XIII annual competition “Russian Prizes of the Citi Foundation in the Field of Micro-Entrepreneurship” in the nomination “For the Development of the Socio-Cultural Environment of the Local Community”. The contest was traditionally organized by the Citi Foundation, the Russian Microfinance Center and the National Association of Microfinance Market Participants. The competition was held with the support of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and the business organization Business Russia.


  • The project of the Forest Hotel team became the finalist of the accelerator of the Presidential Fund for Support of Social Projects.
  • The manager of the Forest Hotel Evgenia Danilova won the 1st place in the regional stage of the All-Russian competition of professional skills of tourism workers “Best in the profession in the tourism industry“ in the nomination “Best manager for inbound and outbound tourism“.


  • The team of the Forest Hotel with the program “Tasty Pinezhye” won the nomination “Food as an Event” for the best impression of the program, winning second place in the professional tourism competition “Gastronomic Impression / Taste experience – 2017”.