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A wonderful opportunity for those who want to learn about the amazing nature, history and culture of Pinega, but also get inspired by a magnificent atmosphere of the region. In 8 days you will explore the most popular attractions: karst caves, protected forests and canyons. You will visit northern villages Krasnaya Gorka and Pinega, walk the streets with ancient wooden sidewalks, and taste freshly-baked bread from a local bakery.


You can pick a day for any additional excursions, or devote your free time to photographing the stunning surroundings. During the White Nights season, you will admire the pink sky, and in winter, there is a chance of seeing the northern lights, too.


In a library you will find a variety of books written about local lands. Flipping through photo albums, playing board games, visiting a local library, renting skis in winter, or a boat in summer, spending the night in a tent and ordering dinner on the beach – all this you can enjoy during the tour.


Duration: 8 days / 7 nights


per person

18 000 RUB – Economy Room

21 000 RUB – Standard Room

26 400 RUB – Comfort Room



Children under 5 years, without extra bed, pay for meals and transfer only.

For children from 5 to 14 years we offer 20% discount on the tour


13:00 – Departure from Arkhangelsk. 3.5-4-hour drive (one stop).

Arrival at the Golubino Forest Hotel. Check-in.

19:00 – Dinner.

Traditional Russian banya (extra charge).

Prior to departure from Arkhangelsk, we offer an excursion to the spectacular open-air museum Malye Korely (for an additional fee; from 4 people). Duration: ~ 3 hours

08:00 – Breakfast.

Free time. At your service: sports ground, slides, swings, rental point for sports and tourist equipment.

13:00 – Lunch at a hotel restaurant.

Hiking through a fabulous relic forest.

19:00 – Dinner.

08:00 – Breakfast.

Walking tour to the karst faults; inspection of the entrance to the Golubinsky Proval cave.

Lunch at a hotel restaurant.

Free time.

19:00 – Dinner.

08:00 – Breakfast.

Walking through the protected relic forest to the “Holy Spring” waterfall.

13: 00-15: 00 – Lunch at the Golubino restaurant.

Free time. Outdoor activities (At your service: sports ground, slides, swings, rental point for sports and tourist equipment); forest walks.

19:00 – Dinner.

08:00 – Breakfast.

Excursion to the karst cave.

Return to the hotel.

13:00-15:00 – Lunch at a hotel restaurant.

Free time.

Traditional Russian banya (extra cost).

19:00 – Dinner.

08: 00 – Breakfast.

Excursion to the village of Krasnaya Gorka. Excursion to the Krasnogorsk Bogoroditsky Monastery built in 1604 (inactive) and visiting the grave of Prince Golitsyn.

13:00-15:00 – Lunch at a hotel restaurant.

Free time.

19:00 – Dinner.

08:00 – Breakfast.

A trip to the village of Pinega.

Excursion to the Karst Museum in the Pinega Nature Reserve.

Sightseeing tour “Heritage of a merchant family Volodin ”

Excursion to the Pinega Museum of Local Lore.

We also offer an excursion “Kimzha – A Beautiful Northern Village” (for an additional fee).

13: 00-15: 00 – Lunch at the Golubino restaurant.

Free time.

Sports fields, slides, skating rink, ski track (seasonal).

19:00 – Dinner.

08:00 – Breakfast.

Check Out.

Early lunch at a hotel restaurant.

Departure to Arkhangelsk.



3 meals a day

Excursion program


    • Airfare and train tickets;
    • Talagi Airport-Arkhangelsk transfer:

    1 000 RUB per passenger car (4 seats)

    Round-trip transport (Arkhangelsk-Golubino-Arkhangelsk):

    2 400 RUB per adult

    1 800 RUB per child

    • Individual transfer from Arkhangelsk to Golubino (one-way):

    8 000 RUB – per passenger car (4 seats)

    • 6 000 RUB – surcharge for a single occupancy room
    • 15 % discount on the tour price for an extra bed
    • Traditional Russian sauna (banya)
    • 3 000 RUB – Excursion to Malye Korely, an open-air museum of traditional wooden architecture
    • Additional excursions
    • Additional masterclasses
Being part of the group requires tourists to observe the given time schedule and follow the route, taking into account the interests of the group. We ask you to stick to a schedule and follow the rules in order to avoid being late. The Golubino Forest Hotel reserves the right to change the order of services without reducing their volume. Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs are prohibited from the tour.

Please note that the tour is designed for physically fit and active tourists. Hiking trail is 10 km long. Unpredictable northern nature often throws surprises in the form of regular rains and annoying midgets, so you should be prepared. River rafting involves independent rowing: the river is narrow and quite shallow.Consumption of alcoholic beverages and smoking is not permitted throughout the journey (Smoking is allowed in designated areas only).

Protected areas legislation prohibits any activity that may be contrary to the objectives of the reserve, including: fishing, hunting, making fires in non-equipped places, pollution of the territory, collection of zoological, botanical, mineralogical and other forest products.

Destruction and damage of barriers and other information signs and stands of the reserve as well as equipped recreation areas. Other activities violating natural processes, threatening the state of natural complexes and objects, and not related to the objectives of the reserve.