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Fishing enthusiasts will tell that this process is so amazing that it cannot be put in words. You get to enjoy all kinds of sensations: a peaceful serenity, an erratic movement of a float, the unity of nature, concentration on the here and now, and the excitement one feels landing that inaugural catch!

Renowned zoologist Leonid Sabaneyev, author of a famous book “Fish of Russia”, who organised fishing in the country, used to compare fishing with creativity. He once said: “Hours spent fishing are not deducted from a man’s allotted span”.

Fishermen can talk about their passion for hours and will never miss the opportunity to go fishing.

The Pinega River has abundant rich resources! It accommodates fish species like pike, perch, roach and grayling. You can also meet bream, chub, dace, ide and burbot.

Bring your own equipment, or rent everything you need from us. If you are a beginner, our experienced fishermen will show you fishing sites and help land your first catch, and tell about fish species found in the vicinity.

Cook the fish you have caught yourself or take it to the kitchen and our chefs cook it for you!

In addition to fishing equipment, make sure you are dressed right for each fishing season. If you plan to fish with us, do not forget to bring comfortable clothes that do not constrain movement, waterproof shoes, and a hat.

Fishing in Golubino is a combination of fishing with comfort, and a cozy overnight accommodation. And even if you don’t end up with a big catch, you will certainly enjoy the experience and our picturesque surroundings.

Fishing activities are carried out in accordance with applicable law.

* In winter, snowmobiles are used to reach fishing locations.

Contact a fishing instructor (Ivan):  +7 (921)073-27-71


Fishing rod 100 RUB 1 hour
Spinning rod 300 RUB 1 hour
Rent a winter fishing rod + hand drill 400 RUB 1,5 1 hours
Rowing boat rental 300 RUB 1 hour
Cooking services 300 RUB per kilo peeling, cutting, cooking
Motorboat rental (with instructor), up to 3 people 2 000 RUB per boat 1 hour (from 2 hours)
Assistance of a fishing instructor 1 500 RUB per group 1 hour
Camouflage suit rental 200 RUB Trousers + jacket, for 1 day
Rubber boots (winter boots) rental 100 RUB 1 day
Double tent rental 300 RUB 1 day
Sleeping bag rental 250 RUB 1 day
Tourist rug 100 RUB 1 day
Tourist furniture 1 000 RUB per day 1 table + 4 chairs
Lunchbox (lunch or dinner) 400 RUB per lunchbox
Consultation on the selection of the fishing location (river or lake), recommendations on the equipment, baits, fishing tackle FREE choose the best fishing option by phone or on-site with a fishing instructor
Organization of a field kitchen at fishing location 350 RUB per person Includes: field kitchen installation, cooking at the stake, dishes and cutlery
Transfer to a fishing location on the lake (and/or delivery of boats and fishing gear); From 15 to 70 km drive depending on the lake 50 RUB per 1 kilometer Rent a vehicle with a driver. Distance to the lakes vary from 15 to 70 km depending on the chosen location

Package 1 *: Fishing in the river (4 hours)

4 000 RUB per person Boat rental, escort by an instructor, campfire lunch, fishing gear rental
Package 2 *: Fishing in the river (2 days / 1 night) 8 000 RUB per person Boat rental; escort by an instructor; campfire breakfast, lunch and dinner; fishing gear rental, night in a fisherman’s forest hut or a tent (optional)
Package No.3*: Fishing in the lake (2 days / 1 night) 8 500 RUB per person Transfer to the lake; boat rental; escort by an instructor; campfire breakfast, lunch and dinner; fishing gear rental, night in a fisherman’s forest hut or a tent (optional)